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Get it right, early

In our business, most of the problems occur when we don’t get involved early enough. Classic problems we encounter in housing developments are things like :

  • Different kinds of incompatible wood used in the finishing
  • Brass fittings on the windows, but chrome on the doors
  • Power sockets in the wrong place
  • Light switches in the wrong place

In our specifier role, we get involved once your architect has drawn up the plans and before any building work has commenced. That way we can design the interior and make sure that the trade finishing such as electrics, plumbing and joinery match the way your property is intended to be used.

The way we do it is simple. We pretend we live in your property. We pour ourselves a coffee and walk around the house imagining we are doing things like watching tv, going to bed, cooking dinner. That way we know exactly where everything needs to go and look like and we produce a 'List for Consideration' to your builder before any building work starts.

So if you want to avoid problems like a garden deck without an access door from the house, get us in early!

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