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Showhouse Interior Design

Our process for dealing with showhouses is a tried and trusted method that we have developed over the years and means that you set the criteria and we

  • Meet or are under budget (we are famed for coming in under budget)
  • Meet deadlines

An initial meeting with you will discuss the business aspects of the development that the showhouse is for. We want to understand who your target market is, when the showhouse must be ready and get an idea of your budget. This is essential for creative and practical reasons – if your deadline is tight, delivery lead times become very important when choosing items.

From there we will analyse your architects plans to produce a detailed budget. We do this room by room so that your finance people will know exactly how much things will cost. This gives the following benefits:

  • Finance department know cost ceiling
  • No hidden cost surprises
  • Easy to determine where cost cuts can be made
  • Marketing department can justify the expenditure

You will then be presented the budget along with a story/mood board showing options so that the budget can be tweaked and finalised. Once the budget has been agreed, you can leave things to us. We will:

  • Order furniture and materials
  • Assemble and install
  • Arrange and manage joiners, electricians, carpet layers etc.
  • Finalise the showhouse with sparkle cleaners
  • Produce a final snagging list showing minor errors such as incomplete grouting, missing paint coat, cracked tiles etc

We know that we will be the last people on the site and we plan on anything that can go wrong will go wrong – this means that there are no surprises for us and we are ready to cope with pretty much anything. We also appreciate that your showhouse represents a large part of your marketing budget – so we know how important it is to get it right.

Finally, after opening the showhouse we will present you with a final Actual Costs spreadsheet. You will find this invaluable for insurance purposes, calculating prices for sales revenues – and your finance director will love it!

Your showhouse is a vehicle to sell not only the housing development, but also the showhouse content items. For example, our curtains package will provide you with a curtain fabric rail containing curtain upgrade options – clients like it because it gives them more choices and they know the curtains are going to be fitted when they move in – and it also provides an extra revenue stream for you.

To get the most out of your showhouses, contact us now.

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